About Julie

In the New Orleans area, buying houses. Fast. Cash. Fair.

In New Orleans, Julie Groth has been helping homeowners her entire career. And, she knows a thing or two about houses, having built or remodeled over 150 houses. Along the way, she worked as Director of Construction for Habitat for Humanity, helping those in need. Additionally, she started Builder In Your Pocket to guide homeowners through the often difficult process of building a home.

Julie bought her first house investment in the 1980’s. Since that initial project, she has bought many, many houses. A real estate license (which she obtained in 2004) was added as one more tool in the tool box. With her extensive background in housing, if there is an issue with the house or your situation, then she knows what to do.

One lesson learned…is the importance of a great team. Behind the scenes is a strong group of professionals. From the title attorney who handles the closing or helps resolve title issues, to appraisers, contractors, lenders, office staff and more.

We are here to help in Louisiana and Texas. Give us a call at (504) 475-6020See the FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions.